⭐[DERANK BOT]⭐Derank League Of Legends Accounts For Cheap⭐

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How works the bot :

- We will give you access to a dashboard. From the dashboard, you'll have to copy the accounts you want the bot to play on. - The bot will cycle accounts and play on them until they reach Iron IV 0LP. 

- Once accounts are Iron 4 0LP, the bot will disenchant the loot, get the number of Blue Essence and the list of skins. And then store it into the dashboard, so you can easy copy and paste.
- All Iron 4 0LP account are listed in a " Finished Accounts " list. - The dashboard helps you to easily follow how are doing the bots.

How plays the bot :
 - The bot auto logins to accounts.
 - Buys automatically 20 champs + Yuumi ( the 20 cheapest champs).
 - The bot then goes in queue, and try to pick yuumi.
- If yuumi get banned, the bot will dodge the game :
- If it's the first game dodged, the bot will wait 5 mns and queue again, if it's the 2nd game bot will wait 30 mns and queue again. - If the champ select get dodged more than twice in a row, the bot will automatically disconnect from the account and login to another account.
- In game, the bot will just play " passively ", stick to adc, heal adc when low life and use ultimate on dangerous situations. If adc dies the Yuumi goes the the Jungler/Mid or Top until Adc is alive again. If there is a surrender vote, the bot will vote yes.

Pricing :

- Well sell number of games and not computer licence.
- You can buy 1000 games ( for 20€ ) and then start as many virtual machines as you want as long as you have games to play.
-There is no limit to the number of virtual machines you have.
- It's strongly advised to have at least 3x more accounts than Virtual machines so the bot can cycle correctly.

 - Here is a complete pricing :
Without subscription : 
20€ = 1000 games 
50€ = 3500 games
100€ = 8000 games 

We also do monthly subscription, you'll get 20% more games with a monthly subscription : 
20€/month = 1200 games/month 
50€/month = 4200 games/month 
100€/month = 10 000 games/month.

You can cancel subscription at any time after the 2nd month with a simple message. 
You can also buy games with Iron IV that you made with the bot. We buy your Iron 4 0LP account for 500 games if you want.  

Waranties and banrate :
- The bot has between 8% to 15% banrate depending on the patches and the source you took accounts from. 
- If an account get banned, we refund you the number of games this account has played. Just message us with the number of games played on the account and we'll add it to you balance. Or we can do it automatically once per month if you want.

Join Discord Server "https://discord.gg/CMXF5sfS9T" or Contact "Nemzy#5603"

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