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Hello and welcome to the Game Hacking Network forums!

The rules will be simple, and users will be expected to use common sense.

Please make sure you do not end up posting duplicate content. You can use the search feature to make sure there isn't already a thread for what you are posting.
Users who repeatedly post the same content will be subject to moderation actions. The same will apply to spammers.

Keep your posts relevant and on-topic. Don't try to derail someone else's thread with something irrelevant.

When sharing a hack, please include a virustotal scan result if possible. Hacks will be checked and verified by forum administrators.
Users can choose to submit source code for analysis to forum administrators as an additional verification step, but this is only optional. Any code shared will be kept strictly confidential and will never be shared or used in any way.

Users must never share any hacks that they do not have permission to share.

Please be courteous and respectful to other users. Mild profanity is allowed, but excessive or abusive profanity will not be allowed.

Users may report anything anonymously to an administrator for investigation.

For any queries, email us at

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